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New News Stuff

Catholic school Principal/Cop busted at a strip club

Sudan is still a mess.

A $450 Da Vinci painting hangs on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Yacht

The Lagoon Nebula

DR Congo has a 700% increase in Measles cases the year, more than 1500 deaths

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japan

Where else?? Try the Battery Burger

Right Place, Wrong Tim (short)

The Katy Universe (short)

With my favorite, Mary Holland.

New Weekly News

War in Ukraine sees a spike in casualties. Thanks Putin..

Afghanistan’s got it’s groove back

Kansas man hires Prostitute, turn out she is his wife

Hacker doing 8 months jail for hacking Jennifer Lawrence’s phone

French Bookstore Has Patrons Fill In Book Covers

These are great!

Mixed Art From Rinat Voligamsi