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Digital Art from Mocaran

Illustrations From Nikolai Litvinenko
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News Of The World

We are so screwed (robots)

Oh, Turtles are cool..

Pakistan calls in the Army due to blasphemy riots

Japan doesn’t know what to do with the many tons of Radioactive water from Fukushima

EU pulling out of the UK ahead of likely hard Brexit

First Observed Interstellar Visitor
It’s obviously a probe now returning to it’s home planet. Expect conquering visitors soon…

Michael Dandley’s Paintings

Alex Chinneck’s Installations

Orpheus And Eurydice

News To You (video)

Extermination of an ISIL convoy (brutal);

Cool, Supersonic Parchute!

Open carry Swrords or Machete’s in Texas;

Heard of Morgellons?

World News

Near 30′ waves recorded on Lake Superior, a record for all the Great Lakes..

Oh hey, Monkey Pox..

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe fired his deputy because she plotted with witchcraft’s-Mugabe-says-fired-deputy-plotted-via-witchcraft

Mike Tyson kicked out of Chile

Women in UK Politics speak out about harassment

Sunday’s Songs

Warpaint, I have a theme going here..

MagnusTheMagnus Area

Ninja Sex Party are funny..

The Kulan Return The Kazakhstan

A feel good story for a change!

NGC 2261: The Variable Nebula

Kurush Of Dagestan

The highest elevation of all European Villages