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CSM Photo’s Of The Week

Monday’s News

The Bureau Of Land Management is ignoring threats/assaults to employees

WWI Naval ships sitting in the Patomac River, in Mallows Bay, in Charles County MD

NASA will launch Starliner to ISS before Christmas

Cocain taxis are a problem in Berlin

Iraq imposes curfew to slow protests

Sunday’s News

UK boy dies after sniffing deodorant that smelled like Mom

Lebanon protests reshaping corrupt government

Matryoshka diamonds

A diamond inside a diamond..

Matryoshka Diamonds From Siberia

A diamond inside a diamond..

Illustrated Creatures By TRUF Creative

New Geometric Creatures from TRÜF Creative

Drone Light Shows Are A Thing

Tuesday’s News

The Vagina Museum, London

Guys hack Detroit Billboard and play Porn on it

Grandpa gets AR-15 for Grandson who promptly shoots his own friend in the head..

The pic is not the actual kid…

Chile rescues Polish explorers in the Antarctic

Antarctica: Chilean helicopter rescues Polish scientists stranded in a Zodiac

Water wars starting up between India and Pakistan