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CSM Photo’s Of The Week

Monday’s News

The Bureau Of Land Management is ignoring threats/assaults to employees

WWI Naval ships sitting in the Patomac River, in Mallows Bay, in Charles County MD

NASA will launch Starliner to ISS before Christmas

Cocain taxis are a problem in Berlin

Iraq imposes curfew to slow protests

Sunday’s News

UK boy dies after sniffing deodorant that smelled like Mom

Lebanon protests reshaping corrupt government

Matryoshka diamonds

A diamond inside a diamond..

Matryoshka Diamonds From Siberia

A diamond inside a diamond..

Illustrated Creatures By TRUF Creative

New Geometric Creatures from TRÜF Creative

Drone Light Shows Are A Thing

Tuesday’s News

The Vagina Museum, London

Guys hack Detroit Billboard and play Porn on it

Grandpa gets AR-15 for Grandson who promptly shoots his own friend in the head..

The pic is not the actual kid…

Chile rescues Polish explorers in the Antarctic

Antarctica: Chilean helicopter rescues Polish scientists stranded in a Zodiac

Water wars starting up between India and Pakistan

Mitchel Wu’s Fun Photography

Cool Halloween Prints

IllustrationsBy Pascal Blanche

More on his twitter page;

Streetscapes By Anthony Presley

Saturday’s Songs

Little Hurricane

Simply Red

Jenny Hval

New Grimes

Julia Nunes

New Pop Etc.

TNGHT (that’s different..)

Tuesday’s News

Good Article on Parking

Murderer caught after hiding in a cave for 17 years

North Korea is Poaching Russia’s Squid

Japan will dump irradiated water from Fukushima into the Pacific. How’s your Salmon?

Man attacked by Bison takes girlfriend to same park, and watches her get attacked too. Brilliant fucker..