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Some Halloween Media

Jill Gevargizan Makes Good Scary Shorts

Alexa Kendra too

Bobby Pickett

My Halloween Night

I added the lens flare, but still….

Hand made ghost, about 7 feet tall with LED eyes.

Had about 50 kids, so that’s a good sign the economy is doing better. People don’t have kids when the economy sucks. Always nice to have some parents come up and shake my hand to say thanks for the decoration effort.

Steel Sculptures By David Moreno

They look like drawings..

Architectural Sculptures by David Moreno Look Like Wild Pencil Sketches

Candy Sculptor Shinri Tezukas Amezaiku

A Peek Inside Japanese Candy Sculptor Shinri Tezuka’s Amezaiku Studio

Saturday’s News Drop

Breaking News

Yay, the new Cold War is on;

Single in the big city ahsn’t changed

Yeah, don’t give you phone number to “secure” your email account;

Philippines police ram protesters outside US embassy in Manila with a Van

Fly-through The ISS

Lots Of News…None Good

Breaking News

One person logs 3500 Denver Airport noise complaints last year. He lives 30 miles away.

A single caller made 3,500 DIA noise complaints last year — and lives 30 miles away

Live Russian web cams of the “insurgent” withdrawal checkpoints in Aleppo

Kyrgyzstan can’t find it’s Constitution.

Iraq just banned alcohol;

West Bank Samaritan’s seek Ukrainian wives

Toddler ‘breathalyzed’ by police in Cheshire

Yay, Aliens!

UKIP candidate apologizes for claiming a gay Donkey raped his Horse..(normal?)

Fun Illustrations By Ed Traquino

Nice Cosplay By Angela Bermudez

This stuff is more work than you think.

Composite Photos From The Runway

Airportraits: Composite Flight Path Photos Capture Planes Landing and Departing from Worldwide Airports

A Siberian Cabin With A Great View

The Week’s News

Breaking News

Brexit is killing the Pound Sterling (well done)

Well hung Fleas to invade UK

US Soldiers busted selling stolen gear to forign nations:

“Forest Bathing” can improve your health. Duh…
The Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ is scientifically proven to improve your health

Your Video Games may get a bit boring without voice actors;

Lockdown in Kashmir

Dask99’s Photos


Digital Landscapes By Aron Kamo


Don’t Go Swimming With The Sharks

The Magpie That Healed A Family

Paintings On Pallets

Artists Turn Their Palettes into Paintings for the Exhibition “Point of Origin”

Russia’s Mammoth Tusk Pirates

Comedy Wildlife Photos Via Guardian

All New Tuesday Tunes

July Talk

New Royksopp


Basisa Bulat Live

JAXA Released Some Great Moon Orbit Media


Shadow Art By Adolfo Kaminsky

Beautiful Photos From Dina Belenko

Digital Art By syh3iua83