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My Annual Eurovision Picks (2017 Part 1)

Albania’s Lindita has a Bond vibe.. Not bad at all

Azerbaijan’s Dihaj has a set of pipes on her..

Martina Bárta representing Czechland (neat video)

Moldova is always fun

Salvador Sobral for Portugal is endearing! Kinda love it..

Honorable mentions so far to Latvia and Slovenia. Full list of participants below.

Saturday’s Songs


Little Hurricane (new one)

Tycho – See

10 Problems With Rogue One

I just want to say I am a Star Wars fan, completely. But I figure it’s been long enough now to not get slammed for spoilers. I had a few problems with this movie that I wanted to share for comment.
1. The CGI Leia and Tarkin were a distraction and the technology is not there yet to do these things.
2. Why was 25 minutes wasted developing the backstory of the character Jyn Erso? She dies at the end of the movie and will not be back, ever. I would much rather have had an extra 15 minutes of the Walkers battling it out on the beach with Tie Fighters and Rebels. A waste of a great scenario..
3. Thus: They skimped on the Walker/Rebel beach battle, which was so disappointing.
4. K-2SO was funny and strong. What was the purpose of killing it? Was nobody meant to survive?
5. The Death Star beam was twice set to “Destroy a City” setting, but leveled entire continents. Needs calibration?
5. Jyn magically knows how to control a Coms. tower? And why were the controls placed out on a gantry? Just homage to the original 3 movies sets.
6. Seconds after Jyn and Cassian Andor send the plans to the Rebels, the Death Star blows up the Tower they were on top of. How the hell to they make it to the beach below, only to embrace and wait to die after the Death Star levels yet another continent. Stupid.
7. What was the purpose of seeing Darth eat/sublimate his “nutrition” in a bath tube? It’s like all of the other “red meat ‘ gimmicks thrown at fans in this movie.
8. The Darth Vader berserker hack and slash corridor scene was idiotic and ruined the flow of the ending of the film. I couldn’t wait for the end tough.
9. This film was written, shot and edited. Then Disney realized it sucked, so they re-shot chunks of it and re-edited it. The result is a choppy 2 hours of film.
10. The fighters bouncing off the Shield gate was stupid. Basic sensors would pick up that it was closed and it looked different when closed anyway.
I don’t want anyone to think I hated the movie completely. I am sure there was something in there I liked, but I can’t recall it right now. Maybe never. And why were the Rebel forces such pussies? That’s 11.

Galaxy 3C186 Kicked Out It’s Black Hole

Great read, the Universe is a scary place..