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Cool! Radio signals from 1.5 Billion light years away…
The problem is, if we send a signal back, it will also take 1.5 billion years to get there. No civilization lasts 3 billion years..

The UK faces “Loo Roll” (toilet paper) shortages because of Brexit

Egyptian TV host gets a year in jail for interviewing a Gay man.

Phillipines to Joing the China Naval parade (just to piss off America)

The Secrets Of Jumping Crystals

Wildlife Photos By Marsel van Oosten

Sculptures By Daniel Forero

The Katy Universe (short)

With my favorite, Mary Holland.

News Of The Week

That Coup failed.. Bad Soldiers

Toronto Restaurant keeping microwave dinner traditions alive (joke)

Feel Good Story of the week:
Keep restricting abortion access, and more of this will follow.

Those “sonic” attack on US Diplomats was likely Cricits:

Russian Tank movie kills at the boxoffice

Turkey’s housing boom is a bust (who would buy one of these?)

Some New New News

India blocks large retailers from edging out local small vendors.

Idiot builds house by cliff in Ireland, now wants everyone else pay to save the house before it crumples into the sea..

Trevor the Dog Balloon

Trump’s EPA imposes new way to kill kids

Canada want’s part of Minnesota