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Muslims flee Burma after being attacked, because Muslims attacked the Police

Maybe everyone should chill…

Alaska’s Climate Change problem

The War in Ukraine is still happening

Dawn celebrates 10 years in space.

Mona Nemer named Canada’s new science advisor

White Abalone’s Fight To Survive

Sculptured Fashion Costumes By Agnieszka Osipa

Gig Posters for Scientists Visiting UNC


Tatyana Svitkina

Lake Erie’s Algea Blooms

Oh, The World Ends On Saturday, So Have A Bang On Night Friday

NASA has been quiet about this…
Will The World End On September 23? Christian ‘Researcher’ Says Yes

Twin Comets/Asteroids 288P

They orbit each other in a waltz..

Sunday’s Songs

Holger Czukay (funny)


Conjure One


Dean and Britta

Art From Sergio Barrale

Tommy’s Photo’s


New News

Gifts Saudi Arabia gave Trump

UK Army Nazi’s

More Israeli air strikes in Syria

Julie Dorion

Olympics Brought Box Tree Moth’s to Sochi;

Liberals gaining ground in Russia

Man chokes to death while eating wedding anniversary steak dinner

Cassini’s End Of It’s 20 Year Mission 9/15/17

10 things to know, and a live feed..

Zaryadye Park Moscow Opens

US Border Illustration Mural By Jr’s

Digital Art By Pixie Scout

The Beatles In Photos, Great Story

Photos by Harry Benson

Stanley Kubrick’s Photos Of 1940s New York

He was 17 years old..

Amazing View Of Wavy Saturn’s

End of mission 9/15/17 8Am EST (CRASH AND BURN)

NASA Celebrates Voyager 1 and 2, 40th Anniversary

More here with instructional infographics;

Music Monday


Little Dragon

Air, feat Beth Hirsch (one of my all time faves)

Air, acoustic

Air, Alpha Btea Gaga

Monday News

Five Taliban acquitted of murder? Really Pakistan?
The day this happened, I was devastated. So much hope lost.

Italy helps pay Libya Militia’s to stop human traffickers

Canada’s secret underground railroad for Chechen gays

Simon Prades Illustrations