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Bad News Mostly

Breaking News

I don’t like to get political, but cuffing a 5 year old US citizen isn’t normal.

Harvard creates Metalic Hydrogen, amazing..

Hackers lock guests out of 4 star Austian Hotel for ransom;

Egypt fails at negotiating medicine prices, cost soars..

The Calabash Nebula

Pretty much what our sun will look like when it blows. Earth would be incinerated in a few hours.

Tattoos Inspired By Amazon Art

Origin Of Stripes – An Installation

By Christopher Jobson

Amazing Photo Of That Alaska Rocket Launch

Shifted – Digital Art

Christian Dior – Resort 2017

I like about 1/2 of these.

Friday News

Breaking News

Hidden artist of the Soviet/US Space Race

Edible 6 pack rings

Slow Motion Dictatorship happening in Turkey

Corn is turning French Hamsters into cannibals.

Sounding Rockets In Alaska

Soldiers Of The Banana Republic

2017 Russian Arctic. Myths and Reality Calendar

Piglets Saved From Burning Serb Barn

Real Fresh News (Mostly Crime)

Breaking News

Michigan Mayor has some things on his mind;

El Chapo Extradited to the US;‘El-Chapo’-Guzaman-extradited-to-US?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP

Eight men own half the World’s wealth (this is not normal)

Detriot named “unexpected” food destination

A Chinese Play with an all white cast;

Selfies At The Holocaust Memorial In Berlin Shamed

By Shahak Shapira

I Love This Animation From Pilule & Pigeon

I think it’s about oil? The music is great too.

They have more below.

Andromeda (M31) Up Close

Solar Powered Parking At My Doctor’s

I am sure this powers more than just the lights in the lot…

New News

Micro-drone swarm

RIP Pier Sellers;

SpaceX Rocket first stage lands itself yesterday. Back it up if you want to see the launch..

Iran repopulates areas decimated by Assad with Shia Muslims.


New murals and development in the NYC Subway

Ray’s Candy Store In NYC

A classic…

Digital Photo-manipulations By Dok-Fitz

Method-2 Robot

Ok, so give this an AI, a gun and the tech war is on…

Interesting Photo-Montages By Suzanne Moxhay

Beautiful Light Paintings By Hannu Huhtamo